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Reach-In Now™ for Your Organization

A leading wellness program- supported by an anonymous, 24/7/365, peer-to-peer mobile application that offers engaging content, community and connection for your teams.

Reach-In Now™ Program Features

Assigned Consultant

Assigned consultant for emergency mental health action planning and critical incident response.

In-Service Workshops

In-Service Workshop & Presentation by retired women’s basketball player, licensed clinical therapist and Reach-In Now™ Founder, Bianca D. McCall, LMFT.

Mobile App

Reach-In Now™provides useful reporting of performance and engagement metrics to show improved mental health literacy, positive attitude shifts in mental health culture and much more.


I am a licensed clinical therapist with 25 years expertise in the behavioral healthcare space, with a specialization in suicide prevention. I am 11 years a healthcare CEO with a specialization in emergency mental health action planning, interventions and treatment. I possess the confidence and competence to support your mental health professional and teams to not only intervene during a crisis, but to migrate upstream in the prevention of crises from happening.

– Bianca D. McCall, LMFT, Founder

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