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#1 all-inclusive wellness network

Wellness Requires Wholeness.

All-In-One and Well-For-All.

We are a community that cares about your wellbeing. 

We exist to support you performing at your best for any and every stage of life.

RINx is the first of its kind social-emotional network.

First to provide a personalized A.I. mental fitness coach, chats, and a library of exclusive content on the most compelling storytelling app.

Connect with a Premiere Wellness Network

Connect with our holistic network of trainers and a community of champions and achieve optimal wellness, wealth, and status.

Wellness Doesn’t Wait to Reach OUT

Reach-IN to rediscover your strengths and abilities to overcome challenges in life.


A next generation, All-In-One wellness app that offers an online Community that is protective of its energy and well-being, supported by a holistic ecosystem of resources available 24/7/365, nationally recognized health courses and customized content you won’t find anywhere else. RINx advanced technology provides moderated voice and video chats to empower us to be brave, to be seen, to be heard, and to share our stories.

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RIN WellXcel

WellXcel is wellness and performance training for schools, higher education institutions, sports clubs, professionals, and all those who engage vulnerable populations. 

The WellXcel curriculum is authored by renowned mental health expert, Bianca D. McCall – is infused in programs taught nationwide, considered a national standard for crisis prevention, clinical education and professional standards in alignment with the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. 

Each calendar year, Bianca D. McCall selects 15 campuses to offer her resident services which include 16 Hours of training, workshops, and keynote addresses; and early access to digital curriculum created by today’s experts, celebrity, and influencers, and the revolutionary technology of RINx. Secure residency for your campus today!

RINx Consulting

While many institutions have wellness initiatives in place, standard protocols are to provide and/or direct consumers to static resource directories – putting the responsibility on the people who are facing challenges, to be proficient self-identifiers and help-seekers. 

The activation of mental health services are wildly underutilized, and from a commercial perspective, negatively impacts motivation, productivity, performance, and ultimately the bottom line – revenues. 

From a human perspective, this type of mental health culture threatens the psychological safety of the entire ecosystem, contributing to critical incidents of separation and violence.

Consultation Services Include:

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