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Our Network of Champions

Reach-In Now™ Mobile App is a product of Microsoft Technologies x iRel8

Science Supports a Community-based Approach to Mental Health

The Reach-In Now™ philosophy is adapted from the evidence-based research of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and their Toolkit to Safeguard Elite Athletes and Performers. We are all performing in multiple roles in life, and our mental wellbeing is largely influenced by our own perception of our performance. Reach-In Now developed the nationally recognized WellXcel Health Courses and social-emotional curriculum, empowering perception and self-efficacy, improving psychological safety, and performance – at school, work, in competition, and in life. 

Reach-In Now™ Improves Mental Fitness & Boosts Resilience

Reach-In Now™ – a virtual gym with an engaging and supportive social network and content promoting better self-awareness, improved resilience, self-reshaping, and self-management; and developing tools for healthier relationships.

A discussion Among Champions – Game Recognizes Game! Reach-In Now™ features the shared lived experiences of professional athletes, retired and active, subject matter experts, celebrity, social leaders, and influencers.

1st of Its Kind Social-Emotional Network

1st of Its Kind Social-Emotional Network

RINx is disrupting the health and wellness industries and providing seamless, personalized social-emotional experiences that deliver exceptional value and safety to users. 

Our Technology is DIFFERENT

Our Technology is DIFFERENT

RINx™ brings embedded behavioral science and gamification directly to the consumer. Through intuitive design, and emerging technology, including AI coaching.

Meaningful & Comprehensive Data Reporting

Meaningful & Comprehensive Data Reporting

Reach-In Now™ Consultation offers speaking services, accredited training and workshops, assessment tools, user behavior analytics, and remote mood tracking.

Performance Coaching & Critical Response

Performance Coaching & Critical Response

Coaching and a Certified Response Team, is led by renowned expert Bianca D. McCall to include preparation, prevention campaigns, analysis, containment, eradication, recovery, and post-incident activities. 

Did You Know?

Don’t Wait for a Mental Health Crisis, Reach-In NOW™ for your Organization

Reach-In Now™ provides a direct link to resources and supports, an anonymous text and video chat platform, and private, safe spaces for every stakeholder group in the community including faculty, staff, and the student body.


Share lived experiences without fear caused by stigma and shame

Process incidents with discretion, integrity, and prompt resolution

Offer Live support 24/7/365 to every member of your community

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