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Mobilizing Community & Storytelling to Improve Mental Fitness


Company Summary

Reach-In Now is the first of its kind social-emotional platform, proven to enhance personal and competitive performances for individuals, families, corporations, and communities with its dynamic person-centered approach, customized influencer content, nationally recognized best practice health curriculum, and AI mental fitness coaching.

Reach-In Now is a revolutionary approach to address the growing mental health crisis in society. Its premiere product includes RINx, a Mobile Health Application, that trains users for optimal mental fitness performance, with direct links to resources. Founder Bianca D. McCall’s personal journey, from a professional basketball player to a licensed clinical psychotherapist, fuels her mission to help others understand and heal from trauma and injury, navigate wellness as much as crises, and ultimately prevent self-inflicted harm and violence.

The Problem

In 2022, mental health crises increased to the highest rates in recorded history, with the diminishing capacity of therapists and health services, resulting in unprecedented self-harm and death. During the same year, the wellness app sector was valued at $2.7B and forecasted to rise by a compound annual growth rate of 17.7% until 2030. However, the current wellness app offering is one-dimensional and operated on static provider directories, supported by pre-recorded instructional content. Customers who have an addictive history of using toxic and dangerous social media platforms to process their lived experiences are often wrongly informed about their mental health experiences and expected to be proficient self-identifiers and help-seekers in order to drive engagement on the wellness app. However, the consequence of the high achieving and “push through” culture is that the general public is not adept at recognizing the signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis, especially when it relates to self. A person who identifies with an individualistic culture typically defines strength and resilience as the ability to move on from life’s challenges with little to no help from another person. These gaps in the market limit the impact of the problem, translating to restrictions in scalability, sustainability, and profitability for the companies. And until now, there is no safe space to challenge and process the many realities in which we all live. 

We’re the Solution

Reach-In Now addresses the gaps in the market with a comprehensive approach rooted in 25 years of expertise and specialization in trauma-informed care, crisis services, and suicide prevention. The RINx platform offers education and training in self-efficacy, positive identity shaping, and communication skill building, and is all supported by a moderated social-emotional network, including a host of holistic resources and qualified paraprofessionals. 

RIN Customers

According to the Business of Apps, Health & Fitness App Report (2023), The Wellness App sector was valued at $2.7B in 2022 and is projected to grow at a rate of 17.7% through 2030. Meditation app Calm generated $200 million in revenue in 2020 and topped the in-app revenue chart in 2022 at $85 million. We anticipate gaining market shares in storytelling and self-help applications by offering a multi-dimensional, all-in-one resource, with customized and storytelling content, a moderated chat platform increasing user access to safe processing, real-time support, and resources. 

Reach-In Now will leverage its strategic partnerships to convert its current databases to RINx customers. Strategic partnerships with Advantages Schools International currently serve more than 95,000 students and an education ecosystem four times that number, more than 380,000 conservatively. Strategic partnerships also include the National College Resources Foundation, which serves more than 20,000 student-athletes annually, with multiple, sustainable, community programs and services supporting 20+ Historically Black Colleges and Universities and an ecosystem of more than 100,000 to be converted to RINx users.   

Reach-In Now is actively seeking strategic partnerships with the Black Mental Health Alliance and Black Psychiatrist of America, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and Mountain West and Mid-Eastern Athletic Conferences. 

Our Business Model

The Reach-In Now business model is to sell both direct-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (B2C). 

Our B2B customers are educational institutions, sports organizations, healthcare companies, and related workforces. Our health course curriculum assisting students, athletes, and employees, is delivered digitally and exclusively through the RINx Mobile Application. Business customers can also purchase real estate within the app’s resource network, to advertise their practice content and services. B2B customers are not only funneled to the B2C user group, they also become marketers of the app which contributes to our fast-growth model. 

Additionally, we offer a freemium app marketed directly to consumers (B2C) seeking to enhance their in-app experiences and level-up training opportunities for improved mental health. 

Go-to-Market and Sales Strategy

Our go-to-market strategy is to relaunch a v2 of the mobile application in six months post-funding. 

Our strategy is to employ a team of salespeople, led by our founder, who will conduct targeted outreach to the educational institutions, sports organizations, healthcare companies, and related workforces who are most likely to invest in improving and managing the mental health of their students, athletes, clients, patients, and employees. This includes agencies that received government funding for mental health programs and network referrals from organizations that have utilized our founder’s training and consulting services, delivered in person.

Our business customers (B2B) will be organically funneled to our mass market customers (B2C). Additionally, we will leverage our Marketing Agency of Record, One Entertainment Group, a multinational entertainment company to lead our B2C marketing efforts. A key focus of our marketing plan will be celebrity masterclasses, Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) contracts with athletes, mental health, and other performance influencers, and standard paid media tactics.

Our Core Team


Bianca D. McCall

Founder & President

rachel copy

Rachael Brinker

Sr. Financial Advisor

Siska Concannon

Siska Concannon

Sr. Executive Advisor

brent copy

Brent Johnson, JD

Sr. Marketing Advisor

Management Qualifications

Our founder, Bianca D. McCall is a retired professional women’s basketball player, who has competed and championed at every level in her sport – something less than 1% of the global population can claim. Bianca represents an even lesser percentage who champions not only sports, but in healthcare, and education.

Bianca earned All-American honors as an amateur athlete when her career was threatened by a serious injury to her knee while on an official recruiting visit at a university. She experienced pain and injury which would transcend her physical body and pose significant mental health challenges. Despite those challenges, Bianca would overcome the odds against her being able to ever compete again, and she went on to create a legacy for herself as a standout player earning honors in the Pacific 10 Conference.

During her collegiate years, Bianca lost a teammate and friend to suicide. She overcame the grief and loss of that tragic event, and landed a contract to play professionally in Venice, Italia. In what she calls her Second Act, Bianca has dedicated her life’s work to helping others understand and heal from trauma, navigate personal crises, and prevent the violence perpetrated against ourselves and others which leads to broken relationships and families, drug abuse, overdoses, and suicide death.

Bianca continued her education and became a first-generation master’s degree earner, in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. She studied under the late Dr. Elliot Harris and passed the National Marriage and Family Therapist Exam, to become a licensed clinical psychotherapist with a specialization in trauma, and crisis management. Bianca opened an integrated practice in June of 2011, targeting populations who are at risk of mental health crises and developing Best Practice Models used by the Health and Human Services (HHS), Department of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) in Nevada, where she currently resides.

Bianca is now a TED Speaker and renowned mental health expert. She is a disrupter with board seats on national and local committees, forecasting the standards and approaches to mental and behavioral health care through the next decade. Bianca is the author of the Pathways in Crisis Services Foundational Course, Trauma-Informed Care in Crisis Services, and Ethical Considerations in Healthcare, all taught (by Bianca) at the University of Reno, hosted by the Centers for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) Learning Platform, built for Region 9 which includes 15 U.S. states with the highest suicide rates.

Bianca D. McCall is a proven winner. Only Bianca D. McCall is qualified to launch this product in this market. 

Our Competitors

While there are no competitors that take the same unique approach as Reach-In Now to providing a solution to mental health and performance challenges, we consider providers of storytelling and self-improvement applications, online groups, one-on-one therapy, and therapy listings to be competitors. This includes COA, BetterHelp, Talkspace, and Headspace to are key mental health and wellness competitors. MasterClass, Clubhouse, and TikTok to be key storytelling and self-improvement competitors. 

Competitive Advantage and Barriers to Entry

Our competitive advantages are existing relationships, and our founder’s influence over public health policy, national standards, and national prevention strategies. In August of this year, our founder, Bianca McCall, in her capacity as a Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) committee member, presented her health course curriculum within the context of clinical education, health professional standards, suicide prevention, and technology use cases, to the national steering committee for the U.S. Department of Public Health & Policy. Her proposal was endorsed by the committee, and will appear as a contributor and presenter, for national prevention strategies for 2025-2030.

The v2 of the mobile application (RINx) combines the successes of our beta version application with our founder’s digitized training curriculum, data metrics established during consultation, and multiple influencer-storytelling content delivered during the testing period to targeted focus groups in the respective markets; an established database of more than 20,000 users. 

Our barriers to entry include capital costs to develop the second iteration of the technology and associated content. In addition, we face the challenges of securing funding soon enough to relaunch the product during a period most if not all educational institutions, sports organizations, healthcare companies, and related workforce review and accepts their budgets for the following fiscal year which is March-April. 

Exit Strategy

Our exit strategy centers around creating a pathway that is favorable to both our founder and our investors. Health-tech is expected to continue to disrupt healthcare, and is the only existing solution to ensure there is enough supply to meet demand. Centralized communications platforms and case management assistance to support a depreciated workforce in behavioral health specifically,  drives what is considered a buyer’s market for healthcare technologies. Therefore, our primary choice is to pursue acquisition by a large healthcare company, within 3-5 years. 

We plan to execute this strategy by identifying potential acquisition targets early on, based on aligning business objectives, trends, and history of acquisitions in our industry. Building relationships and engaging discussions with these companies is a key part of our strategies. Establishing strong alliances within the healthcare industry is crucial, and feasible given our founder’s successes, credibility, and power of influence in healthcare. 

Our target raise amount and plans for execution reflect a focus on scalability and growth. We understand the importance of sustained growth as a means to continually scale our operations, grow our customer databases, and expand our market presence. We aim to address critical pain points in the healthcare industry and provide a clear value proposition to it, and the direct feeders into community healthcare; educations systems, and the high-valued sports industry. 

The collective experiences of our core team, will support our position of maintaining the financial records, legal documentation, and protections of intellectual properties, to prepare for due diligence; as well as, provide flexibility for us to adapt and grow as market conditions evolve. While acquisition is our primary exit strategy, we remain open to the possibility of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) as a contingency plan. We understand this offers a different path to liquidity and in this instance, we would engage investment bankers, legal advisors, and conduct regular compliance audits to ensure we meet the regulatory requirements. Our responsibility to both scenarios requires careful evaluation of market conditions and identifying with considerable awareness – Divine Timing – which our founder is incredibly skilled at. 

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