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Reach-In Now™ – A Nationally Recognized Mental Wellness Program, Supported by a Digital Health App and Community. 

Created by retired professional women’s basketball player, Bianca D. McCall, Reach-In Now™ is a platform, free from the dangers and toxicity of social media. A safe place to tap into every day, for exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else on the internet, and to build a community of genuine connections.


The Most Comprehensive Solution Available.

Reach-In Now™ is the first-of-its-kind hybrid Health-Tech platform that focuses on improving self-identifying and help-seeking behavior in school systems, sports programs, and the workforce which supports vulnerable populations. Through brilliantly composed curriculum, expert consultation, and the uses of innovative technologies, Reach-In Now offers unmatched products and services and at the same time, an intuitive complement to mental health professionals and programs already in place. 

Our Philosophy of Wellbeing

Reach-In Now™ is a philosophy of wellbeing. It claims wholeness is required in wellness, vulnerability is required for victory, health exists on a continuum, and mental fitness is defined by our performance on the mental health continuum. Our performance is measured by how we see ourselves (self-identify) and how well we adapt to life’s challenges – by acknowledging all things that contribute to a particular challenge (self-talk, thoughts, beliefs, and behavior) , and by activating timely resources available to us from within, and those which exist in our immediate environments. 



Our products and services are timely, and promising in an era of unprecedented mental health crises and death. We will no longer wait for people to reach out when they are faced with these crises, and so we Reach-In’ with a next generation vision to help and to heal NOW. 

Through multi-source data ingestion, population health analytics, embedded behavioral science and gamification –  products such as RINx™ is designed to personalize wellness and health activities to drive peak performance for sustainable behavior change and positive health outcomes, for individuals, families, corporations and communities. Our technology is proven in areas in compliance, confidentiality, and provides helpful data reporting which is a relief of administrative and case management duties that typically overwhelm already thin resources. 

Through moderated chat spaces, and real-time links to a holistic network of helpers and healers, 24/7/365; accredited health courses, personalized content, gamification and rewards systems – RINx empowers and incentives long-lasting sustainable habit formation, driving healthier lifestyles for its users. Reach-In Now™ has a clear vision: Empower, Educate, and Inspire Wellness for Everyone.

– Be a Champion For Your Community & Bring Reach-In Now to Your Campus Today. 


Our Founder

Bianca D. McCall has experienced championships in sports, education, and in healthcare. She is a TED Speaker and renowned mental health expert. A licensed clinical therapist, with 25 years in Behavioral Health, and 12 years a Healthcare CEO. Bianca is an Advisory Member with the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC); a committee formed by the national Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), to complement The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and certification specialist for the Centers for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) Region 9, housed at the University of Nevada, Reno. She has authored and instructed foundational courses for pre and post service members, for Pathways in Crisis Services, Trauma-Informed Crisis Care & Ethics, and the Reach-In Now™ WellXcel Health Course-  a best practice model contributing to Clinical Education, Professional Standards, and Technology in the National Strategies for Suicide Prevention through 2030.