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Reach-In Now™ the #1 Mental wellness program supported by a mobile app

Created by retired professional women’s basketball player, TEDx Speaker, healthcare CEO, licensed clinical therapist, and suicide survivor, Bianca D. McCall, Reach-In Now™ is a platform free from the dangers and toxicity of social media. A safe place to tap into every day, for exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else on the internet, and to build a community of genuine connections.


Language is Important.

Reach-In Now™ uses language familiar to performers in sports, music, arts, entertainment and recognizes this language is universal as it connects to all communities because we are all performers- performing in the many roles of our identities- as students, athletes, educators, parents, family, professionals, and members of larger communities.

We all strive to achieve peak performance in every role but faced with challenges and the cost of being human.

Our Philosophy on Community

The design of Reach-In Now™ is based on the research of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which suggests the mental health safeguards for elite performers requires a community approach and shifting mental health culture to encourage open dialogue and help-seeking when experiencing a crisis and injury.

As a society, we approach all forms of injury the same-We isolate the injury; extract, attempt to treat, rehabilitate, and return the injurious agent to a body or system which has already adapted to the pain of the injury. A path that begins with isolation, presents a higher risk of repeated injury. 


The same way we don’t wait for a physical injury, to go to the gym-We go to the gym to prevent injuries from happening, and to train our bodies to withstand the outside and inside stress the body goes through, every single day.

During a time where mental health crises and death occur at alarming rates, Reach-In Now™ seeks to mobilize community and peer supports with its anonymous mobile health app that improves performance, interpersonal relationships, increases social-emotional health and mental health literacy.


Our Founder

Bianca D. McCall is a Retired Professional Women’s Basketball Player, TEDx Speaker, Healthcare CEO, Licensed Clinical Therapist, Certification Specialist for the University of Nevada, Reno, CASAT Department, and Suicide Survivor.