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Meet the Team

Reach-In Now’s Core Team and Advisory Board expertise ranges from public health, technology, counseling, education, support for armed forces, professional sports, finance, and philanthropy.

The Core Team


Bianca D. McCall, LMFT

Founder & President

Bianca D. McCall has experienced championships in sports, education, and in healthcare. She is a TED Speaker and renowned mental health expert. A licensed clinical therapist, with 25 years in Behavioral Health, and 12 years a Healthcare CEO. Bianca is an Adivsory Member with the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC); a committee formed by the national Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), to complement The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and certification specialist for the Centers for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) Region 9, housed at the University of Nevada, Reno. She has authored and instructed foundational courses for pre and post service members, for Pathways in Crisis Services, Trauma-Informed Crisis Care & Ethics, and the Reach-In Now™ WellXcel Health Course-  a best practice model contributing to Clinical Education, Professional Standards, and Technology in the National Strategies for Suicide Prevention through 2030. 

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Rachael Brinker

sr. financial advisor

Rachael Brinker currently advises Reach-In Now, on its five-year financial model, entering the pre-seed investment round. Rachael brings her experiences as the interim Chief Financial Officer for, leading the procurement $130m+ and preparing for IPO by H1 2024. Rachel’s successes include reducing the monthly burn rate by 50%, raising $132m Series D, $120m debt financing, and playing an instrumental role in leading sales teams in driving YoY revenue growth of over 50%. 

Siska Concannon

Siska Concannon

Sr. Executive Advisor

Siska Concannon currently advises Reach-In Now, on global market strategies for innovative technologies and gamification. Siska brings her experiences as the former Vice President of Marketing at Penn Interactive, developing a marketing strategy that was critical in increasing market capitalization from $2.5B to $10B, within 1 year of tenure.

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Brent Johnson, JD

Sr. business Advisor

Brent Johnson currently advises Reach-In Now, on branding, media, and marketing strategies in influencer, sports, and entertainment markets. Brent brings his experiences as the Managing Partner & CEO of One Entertainment Group and over 30 years in different sectors, including entertainment, media, production, live events, technology, hospitality, commodities, secure transactions, negotiations, marketing, branding, consumer products, development, finance, and gaming – Notably, Brent has partnerships with Floyd Mayweather and TMT Nascar, Kennan Thompson, Trion Supercars, several production projects with Hulu, and more.